Blockchain Solutions: New Edge Technology for Business

publish date March 30, 2018 Tags share article

Before we discuss blockchain solutions, make sure you are familiar with at least some of the key concepts of this technology. Although distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have been around for quite some time, promising to reinvent the Internet, not every business directly requires blockchain technology solutions.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain solution providers pop up today like .com startups did two decades ago. They attempt to assure you that they know how to satisfy your business needs and that they will deliver an ICO within a matter of weeks.

The truth is, there are only a handful of blockchain developers who can create a DLT solution from scratch. Anything else is simply a forking of the open-source code or token creation straight out of the Ethereum software. Therefore, a responsible blockchain solutions provider must first grasp the possibilities of such a venture.

Then, the firm should conduct a workshop with the client to create a proof-of-concept of the needed project. Notably, blockchain technology solutions vary from private to public networks, with different speed, consensus protocols, and technical requirements. A few blockchain technologies we use at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab include Hyperledger, R3, Exonum, Parity, Multichain, and NXT.

Blockchain Solutions for Business

Blockchain solutions for business go beyond the finance sector, as the stereotype might suggest. With the leverage of the decentralized web infrastructure and smart contracts, there is room for disruption in all of the following industries: lending, insurance, real estate, gaming, social networks, startups, recruiting, forecasting, marketing, advertising, and many more.  

Essentially, blockchain business solutions must solve an inherent problem that no centralized server or existing Internet service could help with. If your customers are requesting an increase in trust and transparency, you might need to increase the immunity of their sensitive data and keep it secure. These are exactly the resolutions we offer, along with other distributed systems and decentralized apps.

Blockchain Development Solutions

Working with Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab ensures you are in the company of experts. Our extensive expertise in numerous enterprise blockchain solution projects will assist you in improving your current business processes. We will deal with any concerns and ease your experience as a manager.