Hyperledger Sawtooth Development

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an enterprise solution for designing, deploying, and supporting distributed ledger applications. It provides a modular, rapid and responsive platform for implementing transaction-based updates to private or consortium blockchains.


Hyperledger Sawtooth Development

  • Private, permissioned Hyperledger Sawtooth networks development
  • Transaction families (smart contracts) development (GO, JavaScript, Java, Python)
  • Provenance tracking
  • Integration blockchain with IoT infrastructure
  • Hybrid centralized systems development with blockchain components
  • Blockchain infrastructure setup and maintenance

Recent Project

Supply chain Platform for Aviation

Revolutionary tracking, management, and procurement platform


A blockchain-based marketplace between selected manufacturers and trusted airline partners. Ownership movement, parts condition, maintenance history are secured on shared consortium blockchain network. Military grade security and high-performance system enabled much faster parts discovery and provenance tracking.


  • Military grade security
  • Real world assets tokenization
  • Transparent parts history
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Reduced waiting time on AOG (aircraft on ground) situations


  • Microservices architecture
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth (with parallel transactions)
  • Transaction Family contracts
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Third-party data sources integration

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