Confirm the fit of a distributed system for your business, see exactly where it can leverage your competitive advantage and quantify potential improvements. Request research for specific industry with blockchain development consulting. Extract the most value with a Proof-of-Concept workshop to test a solution and engage more when required.

Blockchain Development Consulting

Benefit from expert blockchain consulting: save time, get a professional analysis of your business domain, obtain a competitive advantage with blockchain automation and security

  • 1


    • Initial problem and possible solutions discovery phase
    • Current Solution evaluation
    • Business domain analysis, competitors research, insights identification
    • Security, architecture, privacy and risks assessment
    • Infrastructure, architecture and code reviews
    • High-level solution and scope conceptualization
    • Development efforts and team assessment
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    WORKSHOP (1-3weeks)

    • Deep analysis workshop to crystalize essential phases and build detailed requirements
    • Ideation and retailed researches
    • User experience to business needs mapping
    • Priorities, stages and acceptance criterias for main product features
    • Technology stack and architecture documentation
    • Blockchain model and architecture
    • Data flows and security models
    • Project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy
    • Product design
    • Interactive prototypes
  • PoC (4-8weeks)

    • Creation of fully functional blockchain product for alpha testing
    • PoC definition, approaches and technology stack selection
    • Phases, tracks, and resources planning
    • Inception and kickoff
    • Rapid and parallel development
    • Scalable infrastructure setup
    • Expandable architecture
    • Fully automated CI/CD infrastructure
    • Rollout strategy planning and execution

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