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Extensive blockchain expertise & the biggest pool of blockchain developers in Eastern Europe. Shed a light on blockchain technology with Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab.

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About Us

We believe that Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) carry the potential to transform the way we do business, government, nonprofits and more. This is what the future looks like. Our team is passionate about utilizing the full power of DLTs to help make that future brighter.

Leading our high-profile clients through the blockchain and cryptocurrency hysteria as their trusted partners, we help them to distinguish and extract real business value from the media hype and glitter.

As part of Intellectsoft Group, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab has access to the biggest pool of engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity talent in Eastern Europe. Our expertise has already helped dozens of SMBs and enterprises including E&Y, London Stock Exchange, The World Bank, Nestle, Shell and many others.


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    Blockchain technology consulting

  • 02

    Public and private blockchains development

  • 03

    Distributed applications (DApps)

  • 04

    AML/KYC/GDPR compliance

  • 05

    Distributed eCommerce solutions

  • 06

    Blockchains and cryptocurrencies forks

tools & technologies

  • hyper


  • etherum


  • parit


  • exonum


  • r3


  • multichain


  • nxt



Clarifying Needs

Strategy & Concept Workshop

Design & Development


Support & Further Growth

We gather initial requirements during an introductory call or meeting. The project gets a size assessment to clarify the approximate budget and time range for its implementation.


  • List of high-level requirements
  • Project size assessment
  • Workshop proposal, SOW

Together with a team of subject matter experts, business analysts, tech and product leads we define existing and desired business processes, transform business needs into functional requirements, identify risks and limitations, create the initial vision of the architecture and technology stack to be used.


  • Documented features and requirements for MVP
  • Clickable prototype for most important system use-cases (optional)
  • Project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy
  • Development proposal, SOW

Once the project is confirmed for implementation we gather a product engineering team, assign a dedicated project manager and business analyst. We use agile methodologies for iterative development and close communication between the project team and the client.


  • The product ready for production deployment
  • Product documentation describing features
  • Technical documentation (optional)
  • Release plan

When the product is ready for production release, we plan out the launch in sync with marketing, sales, devops and customer support teams. We also set up system health checks and define support and maintenance processes to ensure smooth operation of the system.


  • Product launch in production environment
  • Support and maintenance processes

It all starts with the successful launch. We offer support and maintenance services, as well as dedicated and extended teams that help you grow and expand your product further.


  • Support and Maintenance process
  • SLA contract
  • Dedicated/Extended Team proposal

Why us

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab is uniquely positioned to bring the necessary expertise, speed and flexibility to enterprises looking to get ahead of the competition.

  • Deep Expertise

    Intellectsoft Group has been building custom software solutions for over 10 years. From fintech to healthcare, from logistics to entertainment, we’ve got the necessary expertise and insights to help you solve your business challenges.

  • Top Talent

    Our team consists of over 300 in-house engineers located in the largest tech talent hubs of Eastern Europe. With access to a talent pool of over 300,000 engineers our delivery offices ensure that your project is developed by the best and the brightest.

  • Proven Track Record

    We’ve helped numerous later stage startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 enterprises build impactful software solutions. You’ll be in good company along with The World Bank, NHS, London Stock Exchange, Shell, Symantec and many others.

  • Business Mindset

    We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and possess a portfolio of spin-off product businesses. Our project teams - from business analysts to engineers - apply all of that accumulated business expertise, proactiveness and hard work to ensure your project’s success.

  • Trending R&D

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. With Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab’s R&D team on board you can rest assured you’ll be on top of the latest trends, tools and platforms. We’ll always keep you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Global Presenсe

    Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab operates in 5 locations across the globe covering the biggest business and technology hubs. We’re always just a phone call away no matter where in the world you are.

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  • Nick Kurat
    Nick Kurat
  • Tim Kozak
    Tim Kozak
    Head Of Technology
  • Victor Ganichev
    Victor Ganichev
    Lead Architect
  • Alexander Skalabanov
    Alexander Skalabanov
    Board Member, Advisor
  • Mark Leibowitz
    Mark Leibowitz
    VP of Sales

Recent Projects

Virtual Currency

Blockchain-based virtual currency for eCommerce

Multiple systems of software solutions built on top of a blockchain network. The client’s users can receive, transfer, buy, and exchange virtual currency and goods within the platform.


  • Ethereum
  • ERC20 tokens
  • Identity management

Crypto-currency Wallet

P2P proximity payments platform

Digital money clip application that can send and receive cash instantly by bumping smartphones. It is developed with the latest blockchain technologies on top of a bitcoin platform.


  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Java backend
  • iOS and Android apps

Online Ecommerce Marketplace

Blockchain-based online marketplace

A number of software systems was realised atop of blockchain network to allow users securely purchase retail goods ranging from household products to the latest gadgets.


  • Ethereum
  • ERC20 tokens
  • Identity management
  • Secured crowdfunding
  • Crypto and digital assets management

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