Hyperledger Fabric Development

Hyperleger fabric is a leading blockchain framework solution from Hyperledger family. Led by IBM foundation, it became an industry standard of private and consortium chains. 

It is very flexible due to its modular nature, multiple options for pluggable consensus protocols, extensible membership service, and Turing-complete smart contracts.


Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Development

  • Private, permissioned Hyperledger Fabric networks development
  • Multi-organizational and single-organization networks
  • Chaincode (smart contracts) development (GO, JavaScript, Java)
  • Hyperledger Composer apps development
  • Integrating blockchain into legacy infrastructure
  • Hybrid centralized systems development with blockchain components
  • Blockchain infrastructure setup and maintenance

Recent Projects

Mobile Banking Software


Global mobile banking platform that enables people to open bank accounts, access peer-to-peer banking services and send money across the world.
Besides blockchain networks it utilizes biometrics technologies (face and voice recognition) along with machine learning and 3FA to provide the highest level of security while staying easy to use for the customers.


  • Currencies tokenization
  • Core Banking integration
  • Global payment networks
  • Internal exchange
  • Biometric Identity verification
  • KYC/AML checks


  • Microservices architecture
  • Hyperledger Fabric (multi organizational)
  • Chain code contracts (Golang)
  • Deep linking with ERC20 contract on public Ethereum
  • Ethereum account watchers

White Label Loyalty Platform

Next generation blockchain based fan loyalty platform for support clubs.


Custom built loyalty platform with complex rule-based gamification engine. System empowers football clubs with a wide set of tools to enable much more engaging, fun and tailored experience to their fans while increasing clubs profits.


  • Loyalty points tokenization
  • Check-ins, rewards and badges
  • Challenges, mini-games
  • Location based rankings and leaderboards
  • Local and global engagement
  • Fans data collection and behavior tracking


  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Modular architecture with plug-in components
  • Integration to stadium infrastructure (ACS, EPOS)
  • Integration to FC ecosystem (CRM, ticketing, membership portals, marketing tools, online store)
  • Data analysis(patterns and classifications)

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